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hellcat custom slide Multi Sight mounting plate on a Taurus G2 series . The kit comes with 3 different springs (light, medium and heavy) so you can custom adjust the slide tension and felt recoil. The factory OSP Springfield Hellcat slide is cut for the Shield RMSc red dot footprint, so this gives you a couple options for red dots. Compare ; Gift Certificates; Cart 0. Aggressive serrations front and back with 2nd stage ventilation serrations up front. $ 150. Surefire XSC WeaponLight for Springfield Hellcat $299. Where everything is custom made ri. 80 out of 5 . Custom slide for the hellcat Springfield Hellcat, 9mm, Optics Ready Slide. Springfield XDS Custom Slide Parts - XDS Upgrades The rear slide cover plate of your Springfield Armory XD-S pistol is the perfect spot to customize your firearm. 5 comments. Sig Sauer P365 9mm Flat Trigger. 1673. Medium Extension with finger grip for Springfield Armory Hellcat. The Action Enhancement Trigger for the Hellcat pistols is the easiest, quickest upgrade you can do to the trigger system that significantly improves the feel of the trigger pull, without reducing factory safety values. 00. 99 HEX Wasp Micro Red Dot Sight - 3. My primary reason for purchasing the Talon grip was due to the size/shape of the Hellcat grip+my hand-size+I'm a married leftie and my ring finger was getting bruised! Weird problem! Milling a Hellcat slide. Guaranteed Safe Checkout. Blackpoint Tactical Leather Wing OWB Holster for Springfield Hellcat or Hellcat RDP $79. Springfield Armory Hellcat Range Review - TheFirearmGuy. $619. This Powder River Precision Trigger Kit for the Hellcat™ includes PRP’s Sear, Disconnector, Striker Safety, Sear Spring, Disconnector Spring, and Striker Safety Spring. Hellcat 3" in 9MM . 5mm screws for mounting the plate to the slide, and refinishing of the slide. Hellcat Mag Extension +4 $ 32. Even though the Hellcat is one of the highest capacity micro-comp's on the market, you may want an extra magazine or two, like the high cap 13 round extended magazine from Springfield. TRUE Slides. Super deep front and rear serrations + Open ports. This kit has become well known among Road Star aficionados, as the must have for the best power, while retaining real world drivability. Choose Cerakote Finish. share. from: $378. XD, XDm, MOD2 with Raptor One cuts. Springfield Hellcat 3" 9mm FDE Pistol 11, 13 RD. With over 18 years of machining experience, DP Custom Works LLC provides high quality machining at an affordable cost to our customers. Now with FDE option for the basic or OSP model. 2L Hellcat Sting Gray for Sale at RubiTrux. SeeAll CC Micro Sight Custom Built to fit HellCat Optic Plate SeeAll CC Micro Sight Our new Micro CC sight is purpose built for the HellCat Pistol! Following every curve, and with exact fitment it's what you have been looking for. Springfield Hellcat, 9mm, Optics Ready Slide. The newest member/model is the Springfield Hellcat RDP. SIG P365 & P320 Compact. Perfect for everyday carry. 02 lbs. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT - USE CODE: LTTHC25 for $25 off! The newly released Springfield HELLCAT® 3" MICRO-COMPACT OSP™ HANDGUN is a fantastic concealed carry pistol that comes from the factory with great features. youtube. Search . Springfield Hellcat Optic cut and Slide Cerakote Package. 00 (Save up to 11%) Direct-mounted on the slide of the Hellcat RDP is the all-new HEX Wasp™ red dot, utilizing the Springfield Micro™ footprint made popular by the Hellcat OSP. Looking for new feelings the Hellcat was born in collaboration with Lachlan Leckie. 8oz top grain veg tanned leather. A. The waxed nylon thread used to stitch this holster is virtually unbreakable. A generous beavertail extends beyond the rear of the slide and enables a high grip that locks the pistol in the web of the hand. Quick View. The DPM Springfield HELLCAT 3” Barrel 9mm Telescopic Recoil Reduction Spring Rod by DPM Systems replaces the original factory guide rod/spring system and produces an advanced recoil reduction by absorbing the shock gradually and slowing the slide down before its impact with the frame of the pistol. When properly installed, this drop-in trigger will: – Reduce trigger pull weight to 5. It was a little hard to install because the instructions are not that great but I got it installed any it’s holding up well. Hellcat Golfaq. PPS M2 Lakeline Stainless Steel Recoil Assembly. The installation takes less than 2 minutes and is very simple. *NEW* Adjustable Depth of Carry Clip Deep Concealment or Maximum Access Adjust Angle for Perfect Grip when Drawing Fits Springfield HELLCAT only Replaces Bulky & Uncomfortable Holsters Most Discreet Concealment Method Ambidextrous - Mounts on Right or Left Side Easy Installation - All Parts Included Comfortable, Slim & Secure Made in America Lifetime Warranty & Money Back Guarantee Trusted by . With high visibility sights and Adaptive Grip Texture, the Hellcat is specially designed for everyday concealed carry with utmost comfort. It is wonderful to be able to have a device to draw my slide back on my Hellcat. Springfield Armory Hellcat Custom Holster. Like most factory production pistols, there is always room for improvement. The slide is laser engraved, marking the LTT Hellcat Custom as an extraordinary pistol. I bought it because I found a great deal. 5. Custom Springfield Hellcat Slides › springfield hellcat adapter plate 6:23. ”. Add to cart. Holsterpro has been making custom holsters for gon-lovers for more than 20 years. This page is dedicated to our Slide Spider for the Springfield Armory Hellcat pistol. I have arthritis and my fingers just don’t have the strength to pull the slide back when I need to unload my pistol. 5 in stock (can be backordered) RDOS Slide Spider - Hellcat OSP quantity. 2L Supercharged Hellcat HEMI SRT conversions for your JL or JT (Currently only offering 5. (Dan Z for TTAG) Milspin offers a wide range of premium Glock accessories including slide back plates made of high quality materials such as stainless steel, copper, and brass custom engraved. We mainly focus on modifying handgun slides. 0 inch (25 mm). Choose an option Single Color Battleworn 3 color custom Camo 3 Color Custom Shattercam Multicam Black M81 Multicam MC Alpine MC Tropic . Please visit www. . So. Our NDZ Performance personalized XD-S rear slide cover plates come in a variety of bright, bold colors with an anodized finish on a 6061 T6 aircraft billet aluminum body that won't . The Springfield Hellcat micro-compact 9mm comes with an amazing capacity of 11+1 and 13+1 patented magazines for the best performance. This is the plastic cable slide as pictured. This pistol is also designed with a 3" hammer forged barrel, top slide . Hellcat Threaded 1/2x28 Barrels (Assorted Finishes) $179. MakerShot slide plates are made from cerakoted aluminum to replace the stock plastic part with no special tools required. IN STOCK. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Starting out it was more of a hobby but quickly turned into a second job. However, thanks to the slide serrations, both standard and OSP models can be attached with an optics device straight out of the box. 15. Keep your Hellcat Micro Compact 9mm pistol in top operating and performance condition with quality replacement parts, magazines, accessories and more straight from Springfield Armory. 0 to 5. After years of development, we are proud to introduce the Hellcat™, the highest capacity micro compact 9mm in the world and the next generation of defensive pistol from Springfield Armory. $ 19. 95. The Hellcat micro-compact 9mm has front and rear slide serrations and a standard accessory rail. The Hellcat proved its mettle previously in a 10,000 round test. ArachniGRIP observed that the Hellcat’s slide serrations aren’t cut very deep, making it more difficult to rack. Supporting the Hellcat swap are a custom exhaust system, ECU tune . Our Custom Hellcat Slide Stop, Prepped and in the White, ready to be fit to your pistol and sent out to finish! This product is intended for Guncrafter Industries 1911's. (Available for XD®, XDM®, XDMod2® all calibers but NOT AVAILABLE for XDM 5. 5 lbs after break-in . $ 104. The second is custom laser stippling. 30 days easy returns. RDP stands for “Rapid Defense Package“, and as you can probably tell from the name it’s an upgunned version of the original Hellcat OSP micro-compact. First, the . 190-inch-deep mortise machined into the top of the slide is a snug fit for a micro red-dot sight. The Matte finish of our Slide Cover Plates will surely make your Hellcat stand out from the rest. The first is the simple Talon Evolution Grips. Please note, this cut is for Springfield Hellcat slides that did not come optics ready from the factory. The DPM is a 3 spring recoil system, where the Springfield factory is a 2 spring recoil rod. custom slide plate: Customizable Slide Cover Plate for the Springfield Hellcat - The nice thing about the base plate is that there's virtually no difference in length from the factory base plate on the 13 round mags. 25 or XDS, Hellcat or FDE slides) Slide Milling for Red Dot Optic Add $185. Call 828-406-3031 for more information on this vehicle or a custom turn key Wrangler JL of your own! The lightening of the slide is important since the X2 is designed around the 9mm round. This part is guaranteed to fit and function perfectly and provide a better performing part for your Hellcat. HELLCAT® 15-ROUND DESERT FDE MAGAZINE - 9MM. Sub-compact in size, its overall length is 6. Price: $44. True Precision is already well known in the Glock modding community for its match-grade barrels, the occasional custom slide and other accessories and upgrades. HEMI conversions featuring Genuine Mopar Performance Parts. Milling hellcat slide. The 3″ barreled micro compact pistol features a class leading capacity of 11+1 with . Add to Wishlist. Why buy a pistol and pay for shipping to and from a gunsmith in order to get it how you want it? RDOS Slide Spider – Hellcat OSP. Also, LTT offers the option of the C&H adapter plate, which will allow the Hellcat OSP to use the RMR or Holosun micro red dots expanding options. Slide Plate for Springfield Armory Hellcat. 97% Upvoted. com More results . Glock Slides for sale. Nicknamed Hellcat Hauler, the truck presents itself as a dually, custom inside and out and, and despite looking pretty tame on the lawn (check gallery for more), it’s a true monster. Rated 5. Springfield Armory Hellcat Range Review . The focal point of the Hennessey Maximus 1000 is the hopped-up Hellcat crate engine that pushes 1,000 hp and 933 lb-ft of torque. For $145 Langdon will add permanent stippling to your LTT Hellcat Custom. Loader for 9mm/. 942. 7L and 6. Milling a Hellcat slide. Toggle menu. ETS Speed Loader, C. PRP® Custom Build Springfield® 3″ 9mm Hellcat®, Hellcat® OSP™, Hellcat® OSP™ w/ Shield SMSC, or Hellcat® RDP w/ Shield SMSC. The first is to permanently alter your pistol slide by grinding down the lugs. The Hellcat is a striker-fired handgun with a stainless steel slide. that allows maximum flow and power gains. October 16, 2019 by MTR Custom Leather in Weapon News with 1 Comment. It was the only model they had at the time and it was going to be a while before they got more in. Springfield Armory Hellcat, Custom from LTT . $230. Made 100% in the USA here in DV8’s southern California production facility. It tends to focus on the shorter Glock 43, and models like the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. $270. Some detailed bottom contours, tucked under edge and low rail, fins pushed up with the wider pintail providing hold and amble release when needed. Think custom-cut skateboard tape to add grippy texture to a larger area of the grip. The harder you squeeze, the more it sticks in the hand. These are among the best aftermarket slides available for Sig. holsterpro. This has been our passion since 2013. It’s the best balance of texturing I’ve felt on a pistol. If you prefer a more substantial holster platform, the Cloak Mod Paddle Holster is a tank of an open-top OWB, with swappable belt attachments. $669. (This is a new aftermarket slide–keep your factory slide . This kit helps to smooth and lighten the Hellcat’s trigger pull to . 2 hours ago Springfield Hellcat OSP 9mm 3" Barrel 11 Rnd - $619. PistolGear Slide Stop for XD & XDm (BLACK) Rated 4. Cleveland Power & Performance is PROUD to be the world’s #1 Supplier of Wrecked SRT Charger & Challenger Hellcats! The 6. The Springfield Hellcat is a compact micro pistol that is absolutely perfect for a concealed carry. Make sure to call us at 866-236-5031 if you are ready to get your hands on one! Belt slide holster for the SPRINGFIELD ARMORY HELLCAT handmade and hand stitched using 7 to 8 oz European Single Bends premium grade leather. The Springfield Hellcat family has expanded once again. Offering 6. But we don’t stop here. Mounting our SeeAll CC Micro Sight is as easy as removing your cover plate, placing the s Lakeline LLC offers accessories for concealed carry pistols. Custom Lifted 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon JL 6. The Hellcat is a great little gun! Honestly, from a 'grip' standpoint, the factory texture is outstanding. 4L 392 HEMI SRT & 6. Hellcat slides for Springfield. The Matte finish of our Slide Cover Plates will surely make your Hellcat stands out from the rest. Stitching M&P - "The American" Design Slide Milling Service. Each design is three dimensional to make your pistol truly stand out. Make sure to call us at 866-236-5031 if you are ready to get your hands on one! Springfield Hellcat 3" 9mm FDE Pistol 11, 13 RD. 5 MOA . World’s highest-capacity micro-compact. DV8 Hellcat Slide. 30pm for same day dispatch. M. M&P - Design #1 Slide Milling Service (No Red Dot Cutout) SAS Tactical Customs. 45 ACP it’s heavier than ideal for the 9mm. 00 (Save up to 11%) Nicknamed Hellcat Hauler, the truck presents itself as a dually, custom inside and out and, and despite looking pretty tame on the lawn (check gallery for more), it’s a true monster. SAS Tactical Customs. Lightening the slide allows us to run heavier recoil springs, ensuring reliable function across the wide spectrum of 9mm loads. You see, with the slide of the 1911 being designed for the . #boomsquad. Trigger Kit for Springfield Armory Hellcat. Springfield Armory Hellcat Custom Slide . Not only did she do a badass rose gold multicam on my slide, but she matched my trigger and base plates to the same pattern. Conclusion This is for the optics ready MOS 43/48 and Hellcat Version Slides ONLY. Specs. 00 – $ 255. Wrecked Hellcat Arrivals. I recently picked up a Springfield Hellcat. If your hands are sweaty or if you have reduced hand strength, there’s a good . This thread is archived. 2L Supercharged 707HP Hellcat driveline is the ideal swap for any restomodder, hottrodder, or custom builder. A scaled down Hellhound outline with similar foil but thats about where it stops. Our number one priority is to make our customers happy. 320C, X-Carry, M18. $215. The Springfield Armory Hellcat Micro-Compact Semi-Auto Pistol’s other features include a loaded chamber indicator, textured grip, aggressive slide serrations, and a reversible magazine release. Threaded Barrel for the Taurus G3 in Black Nitride. M&P - Design #1 Slide Milling Service (w/Red Dot Cutout) SAS Tactical Customs. This Hellcat’s slide is equipped with front and rear serrations. If the stock drivetrain in your Wrangler JL or Gladiator JT isn't cutting it for you, RubiTrux is proud to offer 6. Springfield puts them fore and aft and even extended the serrations over the top of the slide at the rear “for positive engagement in adverse conditions,” as they say in the marketing materials. 99. The Hellcat’s frame texture is soft on the surface and aggressive beneath that. What is the Maxair HellCat 42 and why should I purchase it for my RoadStar : The Maxair HellCat Mikuni 42 HSR Carburetor is a premium flat slide carb. Upgrade your factory Springfield Hellcat with a DV8 Hellcat slide! Precision CNC machined from a solid billet of USA sourced 17-4PH stainless steel. It has a restraining strap with a snap to hold the gun in place. 99 - $199. The Hellcat’s U-Notch sights aren’t huge, but they are substantial sights for such a small gun. Manufacturer model #: HC9319B. Purchase Hellcat OSP Slide Quick question — I bought the non-OSP Hellcat and waiting to go to my FFL for pickup. True Precision now offers the upgraded Springfield Hellcat Match Grade X-Fluted 9mm Barrel. This item is our Pancake Slide holster with comfort shield for the Springfield Hellcat. Custom Glock Slide . Hellcat - Custom Order Form. Glock 43x Slide Milling / Glock 48 Slide Milling / Hellcat Slide Milling. report. Zaffiri Precision Stainless Steel Slides were designed with tight tolerances to increase accuracy and performance. Currently Only Available in Carbon Steel Springfield Armory Hellcat Custom Slide . Introducing the Hyve Technologies Slide Cover Plate for your Springfield Hellcat. The holster is cut for an optic making it a fit for either the iron sight Hellcat or the OSP version with an optic. save. from: $338. All of our products are completely hand crafted with no computerized processes. Even with my Hellcat being my EDC for a year now, the Cerakote still looks brand new. 40S&W - Elite Tactical Systems $26. $ 378. Blackpoint Mini Wing Light Mounted IWB Holster for Springfield Hellcat & Streamlight TLR-6 $89. Slide Stop . The Hellcat was named 2020 Handgun of the Year by American Rifleman magazine. Specifically designed to increase accuracy, this Hellcat barrel will improve your performance while also giving you options based on your aesthetic . M&P - "The American" Design Slide Milling Service. Sort by . 99 Details The Springfield Armory Hellcat Micro-Compact OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) has its billet-machined rear slide deck cut to accept a micro red dot sight. Primary Machine 2951 Railroad Ave Morgan City, LA 70380; 877-213-4867; Sign in Register. hide. No matter what handgun you shoot, if it has a slide, we can give you a secure grip. Order yours before 2. com today. There Is variety of coatings for a customized look. Tritium Night Sights. Hellcat OWB holster designs include the Cloak Belt Slide holster, with a neoprene backing layer and spring steel core for comfortable OWB carry and easy concealment. 2L Supercharged Hellcat HEMI SRT conversions for your JL or JT. 00 - Includes 1 mounting plate, 1 cover plate, 3 3mmx. 6:23. 4L . 0 inches (150 mm) with a barrel length of 3. I’m mulling the idea of the optic ready and was curious if I can purchase just the slide versus returning and reordering, etc. If life goes sideways, you can effortlessly rack the Hellcat because of . 99 . **It’s FINALLY here!!! **. On the left side of the page, you’ll see a list of all of the gun manufacturers that we create our Slide Spider grips for. This upgrade will allow for direct mounting of Holosun 407k/507k or Trijicon RMRcc optics without the use of an adapter plate over the existing optics cut. However, it was the non-optics ready model. Why buy a pistol and pay for shipping to and from a gunsmith in order to get it how you want it? The first is the simple Talon Evolution Grips. 0 inches (76 mm) and a width of 1. 00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings. Thank you for your interest in our products. The Springfield Hellcat is also equipped with an accessory rail, which means you can attach various tactical lights and lasers to it. Stainless Steel Striker Guide to fit the Springfield Armory Hellcat. Being machined from aluminum, this Slide Cover Plate is going to allow you to match your mag extensions and palm safety all together. Details. 4L HEMI SRT and 6. Description: Springfield Armory's latest and greatest concealed carry handgun, the Hellcat is designed with one of the best carrying capacity for pistols of its size: an 11+1 round magazine and a 13+1 round extended magazine. Add To Cart. The Burdette Custom Holster for the Hellcat makes sure that the sights have a clear path during the draw. Available in 4 cut configurations. 95 Crucial Concealment Covert IWB holster - Hellcat RDP. The stippling mimics the stippling from the factory but adds texture to areas of the frame that come smooth from the factory. The DPM Recoil Reduction System works exactly as advertised. The color transitions on my slide are seamless, which is hard to get right and where a lot of other companies go wrong. Shipping Instructions for Slide Work Only: Safely remove the slide from your pistol. The pistol also comes with tritium front and a U-notch rear sights, which are meant to deliver impeccable accuracy. The ruggedly built, IPX7 waterproof-rated Wasp features an aluminum body and an anti-glare-coated glass lens, and its low-mount design means it can co-witness with the handgun’s fixed . Arizona Gun Leather is a small single man shop located in Phoenix Arizona. The Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP has the same open sights as the standard model, but a 0. Built around the Sig. Price: $59. Mounting our SeeAll CC Micro Sight is as easy as removing your cover plate, placing the s It is wonderful to be able to have a device to draw my slide back on my Hellcat. ZEV Technologies custom Glock 19 slides & Glock 17 slides are designed to improve accuracy and precision. Product Weight: 0. Price: $39. www. com. Sig P320 Compact. Dreadnought Slide for Springfield. Conclusion The Matte finish of our Slide Cover Plates will surely make your Hellcat stands out from the rest. So Now that I have decided that I want to put a red dot on it, I contacted Springfield . Springfield Hellcat Osp Slide 09/2021. hellcat custom slide