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ca 2013 FUSION Owner’s Manual 2013 FUSION Owner’s Manual The low fuel or low charge warning will activate earlier, giving the MyKey user more time to refuel or recharge. Make sure there are no fuel leaks. com DM5J 19A321 AB | December 2012 | Third Printing | Owner’s Manual | Focus | Litho in U. com ford. 00 5% off. 0 doesn't use a IFS switch (Inertia fuel shutoff switch) ? What is used to shut off the fuel in the event of accident or can be used to shutoff fuel to engine ? Is there a procedure to shutoff and reset it if needed ? thanks, A light on the instrument cluster will let you know that the engine is off. Turn the ignition to the on position. The switch is designed to trip and cut power to the fuel pump in the event of a collision, but you can also trigger it by hitting a large bump or pothole as well. Looking for a warranty? But what we haven’t covered is a little-known way to disable the system, and it involves the hood. Check fuel system for leaks. 6-, 1. model 2012-2014 focus. FORD DOES NOT START FIX. Not even sure where shutoff is located. Turn the ignition switch to position II. Use the following procedure to reset the fuel pump shut-off switch. Ford owners are dealing with a door ajar warning lights that won’t shut off. Step 2. 4-, 1. There have been three generations, the first was built until 2004, and was available in 1. Turn it off. #5 Fuel Line Shut-Off Valves. The only time one would need to be reset is when the car has been in an accident or someone deliberately tripped it. Use Code: DIYSAVE10 Online Ship-to-Home Orders Only. will not reset. A light on the instrument cluster will let you know that the engine is off. To reset your Ford's inertia switch, press down on the reset FORD FUEL RESET SWITCH LOCATION. As it turns out, engine auto-stop-start Ford Focus Fuel Sensors, Inertia Fuel Shut-Off Switch Connectors; 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000. 00. 5% off previous price $12. fordowner. ca 2013 FOCUS Owner’s Manual 2013 FOCUS Owner’s Manual Please help! I have a 2006 Focus 1. There are several engine light codes associated with the fuel pump shut off switch: P0005, P0006, P0007, P0087, P0230. Deceleration Fuel Shut-off (ADFSO). A. Sometimes on the performance version of the Focus, we have seen the ignition switch operate just fine, and all of the dash displays are okay, but it won't crank. Fuel Cut Off Switch Reset Ford Focus MK3. previous price $12. eng. Turn the ignition switch to position 0. DM5J 19A321 AB | December 2012 | Third Printing | Owner’s Manual | Focus | Litho in U. Airtex is the only U. Proceed to the next step if your inertia switch doesn't use an external button. Free shipping Free shipping. Ford dealer no help. 1. Turn the ignition to the off position. Check the fuel system for leaks. Looking for a warranty? DE5J 19A321 AA | February 2013 | Third Printing | Owner’s Manual | Fusion | Litho in U. 0-Liter Engine: Turn the ignition off. Thank-You My E-Mail is Knight19207@aol. no good. Check for fuel leaks again. automotive aftermarket manufacturer that designs and build Shop AutoZone for 2013 Ford F150 Inertia Fuel Shutoff Switch Con. Scanned for codes but there are none. The Ford Focus has been at the top of the sales charts since its introduction in 1998. The car ran great,till Thurs. died,wont start,towed home,eng. Now not able to reset fuel pump shutoff. When a car is stolen, it’s usually not done by the pros you see in movies like Gone in Sixty Seconds who are highly trained and have thousands of Disconnect the electrical connector. #2 Fuse Box Kill Switch. Crank the engine. How do i access the fuel pump shut-off switch in a 1994 Ford E150 van? The 'inertia' switch should be located in one of 2 places. #1 Ignition Wire Kill Switch. The parts may cost you between $20 and $50, while the remaining cost is labor. The fuel pump relay is a small electronic device easily acquired online or at the nearest spare parts shop. 6% positive. WARNING: Do not reset the fuel cut-off switchif you see or smell leaking fuel. These may include parking aids and Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) with Cross Traffic Alert. cranks,no start. If no leaks are apparent, reset the switch by pushing in on the reset button. HOW TO RESET FUEL SWITCHIf you have Ford car that does not start and it acts like the fuel pump is 3 simple steps to reset and find hidden fuel pump shut off switch location on any car (FAST). Release the clips holding the ignition switch, and remove the switch. Easily find and reset inertia switch/fuel cut off switch for Peugeot, Ford, VW golf, Citroen, Vauxhall, Subaru, Renault, Dacia, Mazda Mercedes and other This video is about check the inertia switch on Ford vehicle fuel systems. Ford F150 F250 Lincoln Jaguar fuel cut off inertia switch 5L1T-9341-AA FoMoCo. The average fuel pump replacement cost is between $90 and $150, depending on the car model and labor costs. Push the reset button on the switch. If the switch loses communication from any part of the vehicle, the switch activates. 4. The 2013 Ford Focus has 14 problems reported for engine stalls/shuts off while driving. $11. After a few seconds return the key toposition I. How To Install Kill Switch View List. 5% off. Followed instructions in manual. You may need to turn the ignition key to the on or accessory position to energize the module and reset the switch. If no fuel leak is apparent, reset theswitch by pushing in the button. Seller 95. The module re-builders say no. Once you take your foot off the brake pedal, your vehicle automatically restarts without delay. on fry. The problem happens just outside the car’s standard warranty and has prompted a federal investigation. Ford Focus Fuel Sensors, Inertia Fuel Shut-Off Switch Connectors; 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000. Average repair cost is $160 at 32,050 miles. 5. Install the new switch in the reverse order. 3. Doing 70mph. Where is the Electronic fuel pump Shut-off switch located 13 Answers. Please help! I have a 2006 Focus 1. ca 2013 FOCUS Owner’s Manual 2013 FOCUS Owner’s Manual The fuel pump shut off switch is wired from the battery to the ignition switch to the vehicle’s computer and to the fuel pump. #4 Car Battery Disconnect Switch. So, here’s a new tip for those who hate the system. They thought it was part of the air bag module. P1233 Fuel Pump Driver Module Disabled Or Off Line means the fuel pump is not starting up correctly, which could be caused by problems with the FPDM. S. The fuel switch as you call it, is also known as an Inertia switch, Impact Switch or Fuel Cut-off Switch. 6 tdci, which I recently jacked up for an oil change, but on dropping the car back down off axle stands the car won't start! I am pretty certain I have narrowed it down to a problem with the fuel system, but can't get it to work. Turn the ignition to the OFF position. Shut Off Switch 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Our Website for Tools, Parts and more Videos: http://mechaniclifesty Ford Focus fuel shutoff switch location. Was in a fender bender collision. 37 people found this helpful. This switch is located in the front passenger’s footwell, behind a flip-up cover, by the kick panel access cover. NHTSA ID: 10056146 TSB ID: TSB-14-0112 Ford: an early shut off regarding a slow filling of fuel or filler fuel nozzle. More space, more power, more towing capability and the widest selection of models, cabs, box configurations and equipment, make the 2013 F-150 the preferred choice for towing and hauling the heaviest loads. Have a 2013 sedan. Push the button on the inertial switch; it should be clearly marked as the fuel pump reset, and may be in a contrasting color to the case. 2. This item Ford Genuine 5L2Z-9341-A 5L2z9341a Fuel Pump Inertia Safety Cutoff Switch Cut Off OEM WVE by NTK 1S11226 Electric Fuel Pump Inertia Switch, 1 Pack Dorman 590-001 Fuel Pump Driver Module for Select Models (OE FIX) Hello, if my information is correct the 2015 escape 2. #3 Remote Controlled Car Battery Switch. Buy online and pick up in store, or get fast, free delivery on qualified orders. Free shipping. Please Help. After a brief wait, turn the switch back on. Notes: Auto Start-Stop may not shut your engine off if your vehicle battery is charging, the engine is still warming up, or if you’re using heat or air conditioning. 8- and If your vehicle is a wagon, the fuel pump shut-off switch is located behind the service panel on the right side of the cargo area. Auto Service Costs Find the prices for normal auto service activities including alignment, tuneup, timing belt replacement and more. Driver assist features, if equipped on your vehicle, will be forced on. 10% OFF $75. 40. 5-Liter Engine and 3. Resetting the switch. ) Under the dash on the drivers side, up behind the brake pedal, maybe off to left or right a little bit, 2) possibly under dash on passengers side. If your Ford ever fails to start or stalls on you suddenly, the first thing to check is the inertia fuel shut-off switch. $12. How to reset after a collision Help. 2011-2013 Ford Edge owners, in particular, are having this problem in record numbers. Locate the switch under the glove box on the passenger side. F-150’s exciting features, including available integrated trailer brake controller, trailer tow . It's purpose is to shut off the fuel pump in the event of an accident (impact). They can go bad but seldom do. To reset the switch: 1.

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